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Dealing With Back Pain

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February 24, 2022

Causes Of Lower Back Pain In Women

A woman is the most beautiful creature in the world. However, her body faces so many trials and tribulations throughout the process of life. They experience hormonal issues, mensuration, and so many other issues. Still, her body has the immunity to fight all other problems. But have you ever observed which problem is the most common one among women? Yes, most women face lower back issues from the age of maturity. Researches have shown that more than 60 to 80% of women have lower back pain problems during her life. But what are the causes of lower back pain? Today we will find out the reasons and what can be done to cure it.

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Why lower back pain?

Here are some of the possible reasons for lower back pain in females.

Mensuration or Uterine Dysfunction

Dysmenorrhea is the most common amongst women. In simple terms, it is the phrase of mensuration. Most women experience severe cramping and back pain during these five to seven days. It has been classified into a few parts.

Primary: it begins with the start of the period cycle and goes throughout life. It is a typical uterine contraction that results in severe cramping and lower back pains. Females feel this pain from the beginning of their menstruation.

Secondary: secondary dysmenorrhea generally starts later in the life of women. The leading cause of secondary dysmenorrhea are conditions such as pelvic inflammatory disease.

All women face these menstrual cramps either in the beginning or later in life.


Endometriosis is a chronic state that usually causes back pain problems in women. Although this problem is not very common, it results in severe pains and bleeding. In this situation, a tissue behaves like endometrial tissue and grows outside the uterus. This tissue usually develops in the pelvic cavity or some other areas. This tissue’s growth results in substantial hormonal changes and results in swelling, spotting between periods, bleeding, and significantly lower back pain.

When endometriosis occurs in a woman’s body, blood does not have any space to go during the monthly bleeding process. This excess fluid annoys and influences the surrounding tissue, and in the end, it results in heavy periods and chronic pain among women. This chronic pain usually occurs in the lower back.

There are many symptoms of endometriosis during the menstrual cycle. The symptoms include:

  • Pain during voiding and urinary urgency
  • Pain upon sexual intercourse
  • Pain on walking or standing still
  • Pain on bowel movements and radiating rectal pain
  • Pain caused by adhesions inside the ovaries or bladder.
  • State of chronic tired
  • Lower back pain

It isn’t easy to diagnose endometriosis in the beginning stage. However, it must be treated with the utmost care when found.

Muscle or ligament strain

Sometimes lower back pain causes due to lifting heavy objects. When a woman tries to lift a heavy object, it can strain the back muscles and spinal ligament. Especially The woman with medical conditions faces lower back pain problems due to ligament strain. In this situation, the pain is on cloud nine, and it requires urgent care. Avoiding stress in back pain can result in severe problems later.

So these are the reasons for lower back pain in women.

Treatment of Lower Back Pain

Firstly, to prevent back pain issues, women must stay healthy and fit. However, you can use the following methods to get rid of back pain.

Online doctors

There are many online websites on which doctors give tips for home treatment and self-care. Most times, lower back pain can occur due to excess weight or stress. Thus, it’s better to have a perfect diet guided by online websites and doctors. In addition, women have a very complex body; therefore, the proper amount of micro and macronutrients are required in their bodies. Thus, it’s better to take the help of online doctors to meet the duet requirements.

Exercise and meditation

Exercise and meditation can help to cure any disease and any pain. Regular exercise helps you maintain your weight correctly, and the problems and pains due to obesity can be avoided. On the other hand, meditation gives relief to the mind. Especially during the period’s women must practice meditation to keep their minds relaxed. This helps you in lowering the pain and its causes.

See a doctor

Never avoid lower back problems if they persist for more than a few weeks. Sometimes the pain is severe, and we avoid it, but later it becomes enormous and can affect the whole body. So it’s better to see a doctor before the small problem turns into tremendous. Thus, seek immediate care if you experience weakness and weight loss during back pain problems.

Back pain is widespread, and we prefer medicines for relief. However, you never know which problem is waiting for you. So it’s better to take the help of online doctors and regular exercises to cure back pain. Still, if the problem is severe, you can contact a specialist.

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