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February 6, 2022

Every Change You Should Make For A Diabetic Lifestyle.

A very interesting fact is that India is the diabetes capital of the world. There are around 72.96 cases of diabetes in India. The number increases nearly by 5-7% every year. There is a reason why India is the diabetes capital of the world. Factors like lifestyle, dietary patterns, physical inactivity, increased body weight, accumulation of abdominal fat, etc. are some of the primary reasons for the ever-increasing number of cases. There are different treatment options based on the type and extent of the disease. Home care and prevention can play a major role in keeping the disease in check.

Table of Contents

What Is Diabetes?

Diabetes, also known as diabetes mellitus, is a group of diseases that occurs when the blood glucose or blood sugar level becomes high. 


Insulin is the hormone released by our pancreas that helps in the deposition of the glucose taken by us in our diets into the cells. When the hormone is not released in an adequate amount, the glucose taken in our diet is not further utilized properly by our body and as a result, the glucose starts to accumulate in our blood, increasing the blood sugar level.


Diabetes is very common among the Indian population. Early prevention and care can come in handy in the future.


What Are The Types Of Diabetes

The most common types of diabetes are:

  1. Type 1 diabetes: it is a chronic condition, in which the pancreas produces little or no insulin.
  2. Type 2 diabetes: is a chronic condition that affects the blood sugar or glucose processing by the body.
  3. Prediabetes: it is a condition where the blood sugar or glucose level is high but not high enough to show the results of type 2 diabetes.
  4. Gestational diabetes: it is a form of diabetes that affects women during their pregnancy period.


What Are The Causes And Symptoms Of Diabetes?


Causes of type 1 diabetes:

  1. Auto-immune disorder: the cells of the body start to destroy the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas and as a result low or no amount of insulin is produced.
  2. It can also be due to genetic disorders or inherited
  3. Can also occur due to environmental causes which are unclear.
  4. Being overweight is not a cause of type 1 diabetes.


Causes of type 2 diabetes and prediabetes:

  1. The receptors on the cells to accept insulin are destroyed.
  2. Cells in the muscle, fats and liver get resistant to insulin.
  3. The pancreas is unable to produce the amount of insulin to make the process work so the blood sugar or glucose starts to accumulate in the blood.
  4. Prediabetes can lead to type 2 diabetes if left untreated.


Causes of gestational diabetes:

  1. During pregnancy, a high amount of pregnancy hormones are produced, which make the cells resistant to insulin
  2. It can get back to normal after pregnancy or can sustain.


Symptoms of diabetes that are nearly seen in all types of diabetes are: 

  1. Frequent urination.
  2. Increased thirst.
  3. Fluctuation in weight: weight loss is seen in most cases.
  4. Presence of ketone bodies in urine.
  5. Fatigue
  6. Vision problems.
  7. Hearing problems in some cases.
  8. Slow-healing sores or wounds.
  9. The tendency of more stress problems.
  10. Irritability.
  11. Frequent infections like gum infection, new infections arising from wounds or cuts.

What Are The Treatment Options

Treatment options include:

  1. Following diabetic diet
  2. Nutritional counseling
  3. Carbohydrate counting
  4. More physical exercise
  5. Less sugar intake
  6. Anti-diabetic Medicines
  7. Statin and Insulin injections
  8. Dietary supplements and hormones.

Risk Factors

Risk factors of type 1 diabetes are:

  1. Family history
  2. Auto-immune problems
  3. Geography
  4. Environmental factors.


Risk factors for type 2 diabetes and prediabetes:

  1. Obesity and unbalanced weight
  2. Inactivity and less physical exercises
  3. Family history
  4. Age
  5. Gestational diabetes
  6. High blood pressure
  7. High cholesterol and triglycerides level


Risk factors for gestational diabetes: 

  1. Obesity and uncontrolled weight
  2. Personal or family history
  3. Age. 



Complications due to diabetes can be:

  1. Cardiovascular problems: chest pain (angina), narrowed blood vessels, heart attacks, coronary artery disease, stroke.
  2. Neuropathy: neuropathy is nerve damage. Excess sugar or glucose concentration in the blood can destroy the thin walls of the arteries and capillaries which can further lead to nerve damage.
  3. Nephropathy: nephropathy is kidney damage. There are possibilities of blood vessel damage and filtering out high amounts of sugar or glucose can further affect the whole kidney functioning.
  4. Retinopathy: eye damage
  5. Foot or joint damage: due to lesser blood flow, the joints can get affected.
  6. Hearing impairment in a few cases
  7. Skin problems: infections arising from new wounds and cuts, slow-healing sores and wounds.
  8. Alzheimer’s disease.
  9. Depression. 

What Can Be Done At Home

For diabetes following home care remedies can be done for better recovery:

  1. Diet: diet is vital for diabetes patients. Low carbohydrate, sugar and more protein, fruits, grains, seeds, dairy and green leafy vegetables should be included in the diet.
  2. Being active: more physical exercise and activity increases the sugar breakdown and taking up of sugar or glucose by the body. So, the amount of blood sugar or glucose in the blood sufficiently decreases.
  3. Doing yoga and going out for walks can help effectively.
  4. Eating more fibers
  5. Eating foods rich in chromium and magnesium like meat, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts etc.
  6. apple -cider vinegar and cinnamon help.
  7. Drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated.
  8. Taking enough sleep and rest.
  9. Frequent eating should be done rather than eating a lot at a time.
  10. Trying to manage stress levels.
  11. At-home blood sugar monitoring should be done.
  12. Taking medicines properly. (note: it is advisable to contact a doctor before trying out the medications)
  13. Following regular health checkups.
  14. In stressful conditions, doing meditation can help.
  15. Showing support to the person will be a great help to them.
  16. Family members and loved ones should always step forward to know their needs and support them in the journey.
  17. If they feel any sign of depression the person should share their feelings with the ones they trust. Counseling is always a better option.


There is no complete cure for diabetes. But keeping the blood sugar or glucose level in check can be done by taking regular proper medications, controlling diet intake, being active and so on. The recovery is a gradual process.

The person can avoid many complications by keeping the blood sugar level in check. It is evident that with age, the conditions can worsen. In such cases, up-gradation of the medicines and regular follow-ups with the doctor can help.

In degrading conditions, monthly insulin doses are given to the patients which help to keep the disease in check.

If diabetes is in the family history then it is better to take early precautions and care. Early prevention and care, in any case, help to fight the disease or can lessen the period of effect.


The above-mentioned remedies and medicines; are over the counter medicines (most of them) and are effective in most cases. It is advisable to contact the doctor before taking any medications.

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