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February 28, 2022

Everything You Should Know About Laparoscopic Surgery For A Smooth Recovery.

Globally around 15 million laparoscopic surgeries are performed every year and among them, more than 0.2 million surgeries are performed in India. The name of the process is derived from the tool which is used to perform the surgery. The tool laparoscope is a slender tube that has a video camera attached to one of its ends. Surgeons use it to estimate the condition of the organs inside the body. With the advancement in technology, laparoscopic surgery is widely used to perform other surgeries like gynecological and orthopedic surgeries.

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What Is A Laparoscopic Surgery?

Laparoscopic surgery, also known as keyhole surgery was the first type of minimally invasive surgery. It is an operational process that is performed in the abdomen or pelvis. A small cut or incision is made in the region, which has to undergo surgery and the laparoscope is used to diagnose the condition of the organs. A better viewing result with minimal damage to the body is achieved by this technique.

Often robots are used in advanced laparoscopic surgeries. Laparoscopy in itself is done for various purposes. Some of which are:

  1. To diagnose a wide range of conditions in the abdomen or the pelvis.
  2. In surgical procedures.
  3. To remove the damaged and affected organs.
  4. To extract a tissue sample from the affected region for biopsy.

Why Is It Performed On Patients?

Being one of the first minimally invasive surgeries, laparoscopic surgery is mainly used for the diagnosis and treatment of pelvic and abdomen regions. It has various purposes for which it is performed in patients. Those are:

  1. Adrenalectomy: the process in which one or both the adrenal glands are removed.
  2. Colectomy: the process in which a diseased or affected colon is removed.
  3. Kidney transplant.
  4. Nephrectomy: Removal of the kidneys.
  5. These are also performed for general surgeries like cancer.
  6. Colon and rectal surgery.
  7. Gynecological surgery: in women, the procedure is mostly used to remove ovarian cysts.
  8. Orthopedic surgeries.
  9. Neurosurgeries.
  10. Urological surgery.
  11. Intestinal surgeries.
  12. Gallbladder surgery.
  13. Hiatal-hernia surgeries.
  14. Appendix surgery.
  15. Liver and pancreatic surgeries.
  16. Splenectomy.

Other than just for surgical procedures, the process is also used by surgeons to diagnose a particular organ.

How Is It Done?

Before The Surgery

    1. Laparoscopic surgeries are performed under general anesthetic. So the patients usually don’t have any memory about the procedure.
    2. If the patient is taking any blood-thinning medicines like anticoagulants then the surgeons advise them to stop the intake of the medicine beforehand. Taking anticoagulants can lead to excessive bleeding during the procedure.

(Note: the patient should consult a doctor before trying out any medications)

  1. The patient is asked to stop smoking before a few days of the surgery. Smoking should be avoided as there can be chances of infections and complications both during and after the surgery.

During The Surgery

  1. During the procedure, the surgeon makes a small cut or incision, usually around the belly button.
  2. A tube is then inserted through the cut.
  3. Carbon dioxide gas is transported through the tube to the inside of the abdomen. The gas is passed to inflate the abdomen region for a better viewing space of the organs.
  4. A laparoscope is inserted through the tube inside the abdomen.
  5. Videos and images of the organ are then seen on the monitor.
  6. If laparoscopy is being done for any surgical process in the patient, then further incisions are made to complete the surgery. Surgeries like removal of the pancreas or any affected and damaged organ.
  7. If laparoscopy is performed to diagnose and extract the tissues of the affected organs for study, then the tissues are extracted with particular tools.
  8. After the purpose is accomplished, carbon dioxide gas is let out of the abdomen.
  9. Stitches are done to secure the cuts.
  10. The process can take about 1-6 hours depending on the purpose of laparoscopy.

After The Surgery

  1. Immediately after the surgery, the patients can feel sick and vomit. It is normal.
  2. Certain examinations like pulse, blood pressure and other vitals are checked by a nurse. The patient is then supported to eat and pass the urine.
  3. The patient is given some advice and tips before leaving the hospital. The doctor asks the patient to keep the wound area cleaned with a prescribed antiseptic.

(Note: the patient should consult a doctor before trying out any medications)

What Are The Benefits Of Laparoscopic Surgery?

There are many benefits of laparoscopic surgery.

  1. The patient needs to undergo lesser cuts and lesser invasive procedures.
  2. The healing process is faster and the patient can generally leave the hospital after two or three days.
  3. Lesser internal scars and damages occur in the patients.
  4. The patient can go back to their normal activities faster.

What Can Be Done At Home After The Surgery: Prevention And Care

    1. The patient can have a sore throat due to the insertion of tubes for breathing, during the surgery. The patient can drink lukewarm water and take the prescribed medicines.

(Note: the patient should consult a doctor before trying out any medications)

  1. Due to the passing of carbon dioxide gas, the patient can feel bloated or cramped. After a few days, the condition usually returns to its normal state.
  2. If the patient has difficulty in sleeping, he/she can use a pillow under their arm, back or leg to get comfortable.
  3. The patient should keep the wounded area cleaned with the prescribed antiseptic.
  4. Painkillers and muscle relaxants can be taken by the patient to release the tension. (Note: the patient should consult a doctor before trying out any medications)
  5. As the wound heals, the patient can gently massage the region with prescribed lotion, vitamin E or lanolin. (Note: the patient should consult a doctor before trying out any medications)
  6. Heavy tasks and activities should be avoided.
  7. The patient can do light exercises to maintain good blood circulation.
  8. Applying perfumed lotions and creams should be avoided in the region.
  9. The patient should take the help of their friends or family members for going to washrooms.
  10. All the necessary things like medicines, prescriptions, tissue, etc. should be kept near, on a bedside table.
  11. The patient should eat healthy and nutritious food. Keeping themselves hydrated is a must.
  12. Regular and timely intake of medicines should be done by the patient. (Note: the patient should consult a doctor before trying out any medications)
  13. If necessary, then regular updates and visits to the doctor should be done.

Recovery From A Laparoscopic Surgery

  • The timeline of recovery after surgery varies from patient to patient. The recovery phase depends on many factors like the invasiveness of the surgery, type of surgery, location of the surgery, lifestyle and treatment facilities of the patient.
  • After 3-4 weeks, most patients can go back to their daily activities without facing major complications.
  • The patients should always start light and slow.
  • If any unexpected occurring or symptom is seen then the patient must immediately contact their doctor.


The above-mentioned remedies and medicines; are over the counter medicines (most of them) and are effective in most cases. It is advisable to contact the doctor before taking any medications.

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