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February 12, 2022

Rehabilitation And Common Myths About It

Recently undergone surgery and worried about what to do next? The recovery timeline after a surgery or a treatment can vary from person to person. It also depends on what type of surgery or treatment the patient has undergone. Getting in touch with a rehab center can always come in handy. Be it physiotherapy, diet counselling, clinical depression counselling, formatting action plans or being a part of a program. This article provides a detailed guide on what a rehab center is, what are its benefits and bust some myths about it.

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What Is A Rehabilitation Center?

Rehabilitation centers, also known as inpatient centers, provide a guide to the patients suffering from neurological, musculoskeletal, orthopedic, pregnancy wellness, physiotherapy, speech therapy, post clinical depression and other medical conditions. They offer stabilization of acute medical complications.

They specialize in providing post-surgery and post-treatment guidance, counseling and medications.

Rehab centers can be offline and online-based. Based on the preference and ease of the patient, they can choose it accordingly.

What Are The Different Uses Of A Rehabilitation Center?

The different uses of a rehab center can be based on the services they provide. The common uses of rehab are:

  1. Minimizing and preventing the disabilities caused due to any chronic illness.
  2. Improving the functioning of certain body parts like the knee joint, hip joint, shoulder joint, etc. after orthopedic replacement surgeries.
  3. Getting speech therapy for
    • Post-stroke issues
    • Trauma
    • Brain injury
    • Post cancer surgery
    • Child speech development.
  4. Receiving physiotherapy for
    • Joint pains
    • Stroke
    • Cancer
    • Joint and muscle pains in elderly people
    • Post-surgery care
    • Fractures and sports injuries.
  5. Getting guidance for pregnancy wellness.
  6. Antenatal and postnatal care.
  7. Women health like
    • Menstruation
    • Menopause
    • Fertility
    • PCOD
    • Boosting fitness.
  8. Overcoming any clinical depression.
  9. Mental health and psychological counselling.
  10. Onco care.
  11. Post-surgery or treatment assessment.
  12.  For overcoming complications after a brain stroke.
  13. Drug rehabilitation.
  14. Covid rehabilitation.

Myths About Rehabilitation

The most myths about the rehabilitation process are:

  1. Rehabilitation will cure addiction and medical complications completely: rehab can help in improving the condition to a certain level.
  2. The joint and muscle pain will heal completely after physiotherapy: physical therapy can ease and improve the mobility of the patient.
  3. It hurts during physical therapy: the goal is to heal, not hurt the patient. So that the patient can go back to the normal activity with a little ease.
  4. Medications are more effective than rehab: sometimes the diseases can be cured through medicines but mental instability can be healed by counselling.
  5. It is expensive: studies show that if the amount of money spent on medications and treatment is compared to the amount spent on rehab, there will be a huge gap.
  6. It’s time-consuming and not effective: patience is the key to getting the results and knowing the effectiveness of each program.
  7. A prescription is needed to get rehab treatments: the professionals at rehab can treat a patient without the referral and prescription of a doctor.
  8. Physical therapy is only effective for post-surgery care: diseases like Parkinson’s, arthritis, chronic pain can also be treated along with improving balance and coordination.
  9. Rehab is only required when the symptoms have worsened: early care and early prevention can lead to a better future.
  10. The patient has to stay admitted to a rehab centre to receive the treatment: resolve360 is an online rehabilitation centre where a patient can receive the facility of the services at the comfort of their home.

Benefits Of A Rehab

Rehabilitation is an effective way to minimize the disabilities caused due to chronic illness. Some of the benefits of rehabilitation are:

  1. Reduces the impact of chronic illnesses like arthritis, breathing problems, joint pain, neurological complications, etc.
  2. Works effectively as care after surgery.
  3. Reduces impacts caused to acute disorders and injuries.
  4. Complements any surgical process or undergoing treatments.
  5. Manage and prevent complications after stroke, spinal cord injury, fractures, etc.
  6. Slow down the disabling effects caused to cardiovascular problems, cancer, diabetes, etc.
  7. Provides self-management strategies and remedies.
  8. Gives alternatives of medicines with home remedies and physical exercises.
  9. Addresses pain and helps to improve the mobility of body parts.
  10. Speech therapy can give confidence and improve speaking fluency.
  11. Supports mental health.
  12. Provides a better environment for depressed patients.
  13. Rehab offers counselling.
  14.  Cost-effective in comparison to treatments and medicines.
  15. Spreads awareness among people
  16. Helps to gain knowledge and apply them in real situations.
  17. It is an investment for the patients, their family members and society.

Rehab Culture In India

  • Globally around 2.4 billion people are receiving the facilities of rehabilitation and in India, there are around 411 million people. It is a huge fact to be mentioned that getting rehabilitation facilities isn’t something that should be considered as bad and non-effective. It is for the well-being and ease of the people who need it.
  • There are more than 87,000 rehab centres all around India with numerous service offerings.
  • There are both offline and online facilities for the people. Some of the rehab organizations provide free access to knowledge, education and consultation with the doctor.
  • There are numerous programs related to joint pain in the elderly, women’s health, post-surgical care, speech therapy, etc. that are organized all around the country. Many awareness projects and campaigns are being held regularly to educate not only those who are suffering but to the entire society.
  • Some organizations provide financial support to the patients.
  • Many free programs and treatments are offered.
  • For some health concerns, residential facilities are available.
  • Rehab is not only beneficial for the patients but it also employs the citizens.
  • Though there are many aspects in which the facilities have grown and improved significantly, there are certain areas that both the patient and the professionals have to work for. Those are:
    1. Improving communication
    2. Availing more resources in the areas of psychology, speech therapy and neuropsychology.
    3. Hiring more health professionals
    4. Providing adequate knowledge to the patient about the process and what they are going through.

Early care and early precautions can secure a better future. Without delaying the process, the patient should consider putting their health as the priority.


The above-mentioned remedies and medicines; are over the counter medicines (most of them) and are effective in most cases. It is advisable to contact the doctor before taking any medications.

Why Should Someone Choose Resolve360?

Resolve360 is an online rehabilitation platform for post-surgery clinical assessments, that provides solutions to post-surgery care and rehabilitation facilities for the patients. There are several programs on how to take care after undergoing surgery, what precautions and care one should take. There is free access to knowledge and consultation. For further details, don’t forget to contact us! We will take extreme pride in serving you! HAPPY RECOVERY!

For further detailed knowledge kindly go through the following points.

  1. Resolve360 is a promising online platform, where one can receive treatment at the comfort of their own home.
  2. We are available on both the google play store and the app store.
  3. There’s Tiana, our chat buddy to guide you 24/7 through all your doubts, progress and feedback.
  4. Our team specializes in providing the following services:
    1. Physiotherapy
    2. Speech therapy
    3. Clinical psychological counselling
    4. Antenatal and postnatal care
    5. Pregnancy wellness
    6. Covid rehabilitation facilities
  5. The patients don’t need to worry about traveling long distances to receive their post-surgery treatment or rehab.
  6. The patients can save up the time and can utilize that time to take care of themselves.
  7. For a smooth, at-home experience the patients are offered the following facilities:
    1. Live sessions,
    2. video conferencing and
    3. video prescriptions
  8. Building trust is really important. So, we always try our best to provide the maximum support to the patients to make them feel comfortable.
  9. We always schedule the timings of the meetings based on the patient’s preference. Rescheduling can also be done if there are any problems.
  10. When a patient comes to our doctor it becomes the responsibility of our doctor to give them a healthy life.
  11. We guarantee that doctors will never leave their patients.
  12. The patients can openly talk about their problems and we assure that the information will be between the patients and the doctors only.
  13. Our doctors plan every step necessary for their patients, starting from planning out exercises to drafting their diet charts.
  14. The doctors on the platform are extremely reliable and are certified professionals with experience.
  15. It is a platform that provides solutions to every problem, starting with home remedies to prescribed medications.
  16. The patient’s trust is our confidence!

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