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spondylosis treatment

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February 12, 2022

Spondylosis: Precautions, Care And Treatment

With winters around the corner, the joint pains don’t forget to give a sign that it is going to worsen. With ageing and change in seasons, it becomes difficult for the body and especially the joints to perform properly which leads to other secondary difficulties like pain, swelling, numbness, etc. Early prevention and care is always the best way to fight any future difficulties. This article gives a brief about what to do and what can be done during the process and after the treatment.

Table of Contents

What Is Spondylosis

Spondylolysis is a condition that occurs due to degenerative arthritis or osteoarthritis. The wear and tear of the spinal discs result in spondylolysis. It worsens with age. It is most common between the age groups of 65 years and above.

Many people might think that spondylitis is the same as spondylosis, but the key difference is that in

Spondylitis: inflammation of joints takes place while in

Spondylosis: wear and tear of the joints, especially the spinal discs takes place.

Medical diagnosis is required before proceeding with any treatment. In most cases, the condition can get better with medicines or physical therapy but there are cases in which the patient might need surgery.

What Are The Causes Of Spondylosis

With the growing age, the bones and cartilage of the body undergo frequent wear and tear that causes degeneration of the bones. Other causes that can provoke the process of spondylosis are:

    1. Osteoarthritis: it is a type of arthritis that degenerates the flexible tissues, joint cartilage and the underlying bones. Which further damages the joints.
    1. Rheumatoid arthritis: it is an autoimmune disorder and our own body destroys the cartilage that affects the underlying bones, resulting in damaged and deformed joints.
    1. Osteonecrosis: osteonecrosis occurs when blood fails to reach a certain part of the body. Due to which the part doesn’t get proper nutrition and lacks elements important for growth and survival. It weakens the bone and might lead to discolouration of the bone.
    1. Dehydrated discs: the disks present between the vertebrae, act as cushions that prevent wear and tear. But as we age, the disks dry out resulting in more wear and tear.
    1. Bone spurs: when an additional amount of bones are produced in a misguided way to strengthen the spine. The extra bones exert pressure against the spinal cord and nerve roots, leading to a loss in sensation, pain, swelling, etc.
    1. Herniated disks: cracks in the backbone leads to inflammation and bullying which can cause severe pain and discomfort.
    1. Stiff ligaments: ligaments are the elements that connect one bone to the other. It provides flexibility and elasticity to the joints. With age, the flexibility and elasticity decrease.
    1. Working positions: the type of one’s occupation is also responsible for the extent of pain they face. Improper working, sleeping or exercising positions can lead to spondylosis.
  1. Injuries: present or side effects of any previous injury

Symptoms Of Spondylosis

Pain is the most common symptom of any joint-related disorder. But there are other symptoms too that can help in early detection:

  1. Tingling sensation
  2. Numbness
  3. Weakness in arms, legs, neck, shoulder, thighs, buttocks and back
  4. Pain and swelling
  5. Difficulty in walking
  6. Limited range of movements
  7. Improper balance and bowel movements
  8. Muscle weakness
  9. Muscle spasms
  10. Difficulty in getting up or resting in a constant position
  11. Difficulty in bending
  12. Headache.

Treatment Of Spondylosis

Self Care

  1. Heat and ice treatment: some people like the feeling of cold on their strained area while others prefer the feeling of hot. Both ice and hot therapy can provide comfort to the pain, swelling and bruising. Ice or heat should be selected according to one’s preference. A layer should be kept in between the skin and the ice or heated substance. An application of 20 mins is enough to reduce the pain and provide comfort.
  2. Positioning the back on a pillow
  3. Physical exercises: regular physical exercise ensures proper blood flow into the joints.
  4. Compression bandages: can help in relieving pain and tension.


    1. Physical therapies: physical therapies can help to ease out the pain and can improve the mobility of the joint. (note: it should be done under the supervision of any professional)
    2. Acupuncture: acupuncture in specific points help to release the stiffness and tension in the muscles. It can help with muscle weakness and muscle spasms.
    3. Yoga: improves posture and flexibility.
  1. Programs designed for spondylosis: many rehab centres organize programs for patients suffering from spondylosis. They give action plans, diet plans and exercises that one needs to follow.


    The doctor can recommend taking the following classes of medicines

    1. Analgesics
    2. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
    3. Muscle relaxants
    4. Steroids
    5. Injections of corticosteroids
    6. Narcotic and local anesthetic
    7. Over the counter pain relief medicines.

    (note: it is advisable to contact a doctor before trying out the medications)


    There are different types of surgery that the doctor can perform based on the extent of difficulty, pain and discomfort. Also, different surgeries are performed for different causes. The widely done surgeries are:

    1. Spinal surgery
    2. Laminectomy
    3. Laminotomy
    4. Intervertebral disc annuloplasty
    5. Intervertebral disc arthroplasty
    6. Laminoplasty
    7. Facetectomy
    8. Microsurgery
    9. Foraminotomy
    10. Arthrodesis
    11. Spinal fusion.

    What Can Be Done At Home: Precautions And Care


    1. Exercising regularly
    2. Maintaining a healthy weight
    3. Working in proper positions
    4. Lifting and carrying weight in rightful positions.
    5. Exercising in proper positions.
    6. Following the medications and activities prescribed by the doctor. (note: it is advisable to contact a doctor before trying out the medications)
    7. Heat and ice therapy
    8. Getting physical therapy if required
    9. Eating healthy and nutritious
    10. Keeping themselves hydrated
    11. Avoiding smoking or consuming alcohol regularly.

    Care After Treatment Or Surgery

    Post-surgery care is vital. One should follow the following steps for a smooth recovery.

    1. If the patient is away from home, they should arrange a person to help them with their aftercare.
    2. keeping the necessary items like phone, water bottle, prescription, medicines, tissues, etc. at the waist level on a bedside table or chair.
    3. Using the support of someone to go to washrooms.
    4. Getting enough rest.
    5. Wearing light comfortable clothes.
    6. If not able to get a proper sleeping position, the person can use pillows to support their arms and legs.
    7. Arranging a toilet seat riser if the toilet is low.
    8. Getting a shower bench or stool.
    9. While in rest, the patient should try moving the joint to the limited range the body allows. It will help to prevent the risks of blood clots.
    10. Receiving physical therapy after a few weeks.  (note: it should be done under the supervision of any professional)
    11. Over the counter, medicines like pain killers, muscle relaxants can be taken to avoid occasional pains. (note: it is advisable to contact a doctor before trying out the medications)
    12. Avoiding smoking and consumption of alcohol can help in faster recovery.
    13. Maintaining proper intake of the prescribed medicines. (note: it is advisable to contact a doctor before trying out the medications)
    14.  Eating healthy and nutritious. Drinking enough water.
    15. When the patient feels better and has the confidence of doing activities, they should start with easy and light tasks.
    16. Medical backbands can be used for extra support. (note: one should get the band after consulting their doctors).
    17. After a few weeks, the patient can do light joint exercises, go for light walks, etc.
    18. Strenuous activities should be strictly avoided as they can increase the chances of infections.
    19.  Undergoing surgery is a huge take on mental health. So, if the patient feels demotivated or depressed they should share and let their close ones know. The family members should support them in the journey. Being patient and optimistic is the key.
    20. If faced with any signs of infection or other unexpected occurring, the patient must immediately contact their doctor.


    The above-mentioned remedies and medicines; are over the counter medicines (most of them) and are effective in most cases. It is advisable to contact the doctor before taking any medications.

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