Joints Pain: Causes & Treatments

Joint Pain

Table of Contents Home Table of Contents Joint pain refers to discomfort, pains, and anguish in any of the body’s joints. Joint pain is a frequent complaint. However, it doesn’t usually require a health center visit. Introduction Joints are the components of your physique, the place your bones meet. Joints permit the bones of your […]

We are your doctor’s first choice and trusted by 50,000+ patients.

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We are your doctor’s first choice and trusted by 50,000+ patients.

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Resolve360 is great platform for online physiotherapy.
I was suffering from scapula dyskinesia and had lot of pain in right shoulder movement. I was introduced to Resolve 360 by my oncologist.

Within a month (26 sessions) there was a considerable improvement. Sessions are very cost-effective and doctors are very kind and efficient.
Doctor David has been really great and helpful. I would highly recommend Resolve 360.

Ms Shruti Gupta

Rehab for Scapula Dyskinesia

I took prenatal care program from Resolve 360. Dr. Preyrna was assigned to me and she has done commendable job. I did prenatal exercises under her supervision, she designed program according to my body need. With her help my pregnancy was healthy and I got good dilations at the time of delivery. I am blessed with a healthy baby girl and very happy with Resolve 360.

Ms Shubhra Jain

Prenatal Care

Best therapy sessions that too at home and timings are very flexible. I had a issue in my neck and lower back since almost 4 to 5 years, taken so many treatments and physio sessions. But all gave a temporary relief. Then my friend referred me this Resolve 360 in 2020, in starting i was hesitant as everything was online, but after taking almost 10 sessions i got much relief, and now i am almost free of pain. Thanks to the team of Resolve 360.

Ms Garima Gupta

Rehab for Neck & Back Pain

By the advice of my gynaecologist, I found this place. I thank doctor Apporva for supported me and encouraged me well even before my sessions begin. Doctor Prerna who dealt me personally in my workout sessions also led me nicely according to my health condition. After every session she will ask my feedback of previous sessions. Accordingly she changed the workouts and made the class enjoyable. Much helpful. So interactive and friendly. They understood my health condition and cope with that nicely. Not straining me rather made me to enjoy. I did course for 1 month only for my tummy after C section. Lots of improvements. If I continue furthur, I would have seen a lot more. Given health advices, diet chart also along with workouts. I highly recommend.

Ms Christy J

Post Natal Care

Hello everyone I have been regularly taking sessions from Resolve360 (from Apoorva) since January 2020. I have been suffering from upper and lower back pain from last 10 years. After being to number of doctors and physiotherapist in Delhi & Ncr, i could not find any solution to my pain. I was not even ready to try with her as i had lost all hopes and so much of money but luckily my sister pushed me alot and i started taking sessions. Also i had severe recurring tennis elbow pain in both the elbows. I have gained strength and my pain is so much better and manageable now. Can’t thank enough apoorva for her dedication to help me improve. Will surely recommend everyone to go for it without any second doubts. The key is to be consistent and you will see results for sure.

Ms Srishti Gupta​

Rehab for Back Pain

My father’s case was worse case of covid he had severe lung damage and was in hospital for almost 40 days, My mentor here provided really great guidance and help; sessions helped so much in recovery. He was in ICU for 30 days we continued sessions there and with the grace of god he recovering.

Mr Nikhil Shrivastava

COVID19 Rehab

Let the year 2021 bring laughter, joy and happiness and good health. It already has, in mine and my husband Narayans life. Yes we are now freely moving around doing our daily chores, on our own, with full energy. The credit goes to Dr.Apoorva who has magical fingers. We were in pain at the outset of covid. we were doing all our work with no help. The result… Back pain😈. Dr.Apoorva was kind enough to treat us immediately, following with caution all covid safety procedures. 🙏☺️ There was instant relief and in a weeks time we were ready for work. We were adviced physiotherapy. Dr.Prerna and Dr.David were mine and Narayanan’s instructors respectively. We were fortunate to have such dedicated professionals. They taught us with Patience answering to all our queries and methodically helped us to do the workouts in the right way. They made the sessions interesting and challenging too! Now we do the workout with passion to stay active. As senior citizens, we manage our daily routine independently now. Thank you Dr.Apporva, Dr.Prerana and Dr. David. Hope many people receive your services for the betterment of their health. 🙏🙏Happy New Year🌹 2021.☺️

Ms Uma Narayanan

Rehab for Back Pain

A friend introduced me to Resolve 360 so that I could treat a ligament injury that was hindering my day to day activities. It was a bad phase! This platform is not only a venture but a baby to Ms. Apoorva Shrivastava. With a lot of love, care and experience she brings together some of the best people in the industry to help with physical therapy and other treatments. She chose Ms Prayerna Bhattarai as my therapist and since then i started recovering faster with a well-thought out and personalized plan. My strength is coming back steadily and now i am planning to do a complete fitness routine with them so that such injury never happens in the future! I highly recommend that everyone should connect with Resolve 360!

Ms Shilpi B

Rehab for Ligament Injury

One of the best app available for therapy sessions online. I was covid positive, and one more my friend recommended this app, trust me, it was the best decision I have ever taken. I took more than 10 sessions and it was really very helpful for me. I recovered from Covid with the help of sessions very fast. Special thanks to Dr Tanveer Kaur Ma’am for the amazing sessions. Highly Recommended.

Mr Narayan Vyas

COVID19 Rehab

I had online Physiotherpy sessions by Prerana for my heel pain. ( Tendo Achilis Sprain).
Though virtual, it was more interactive.

She was very observant throughout the sessions, correcting me while doing the exercises and was assertive in her outlook.

I found her instructions and methodology very helpful. She is updated in her academic knowledge in the field of Physiotherpy. She clarified my doubts about the role of Laser and Ultrasound treatment quoting evidence based data. With my personal experience I agree with her opinion that these are more of placebo effect.

Physiotherpy though not a miracle treatment, is a compelling necessity to most of the musculoskeletal and neurological illnesses. It needs to be accepted as healthy way to live.

Dr Shrinivas H

Rehab for Heel Pain

From being a couch potato with poor cardio respiratory system to reaching pre-athlete levels of fitness in a span of 3 months, my journey with Resolve360 and Dr.David (Physiotherapist) has been anything but magical!

About 3 to 4 months ago, my blood report showed very high bad cholesterol levels, I was low on stamina and had frequent breathing issues. My GP prescribed me cholesterol meds for a month but I felt that alone wouldn’t get me back in shape because I needed a major lifestyle overhaul.

Dr.David educated me about my condition in detail and where it could lead me to if I don’t take action in the long run. He put me on a balanced workout regime being easy with cardio workouts in the initial days and gradually upgraded it observing me closely. He also advises me on dietary choices and follows up frequently. During the initial days, my ears used to get blocked within 5 wall squats and I stop right away but now I do over 20 in one shot and hardly feel a thing. I used to lose balance and fall off over my face within 6 push-ups or 20 seconds of plank and now I do about 24 push-ups in one shot. My heart rate used to raise above 150 bpm doing jumping jacks or other cardio workout within 20-30 seconds. You won’t believe I don’t do any of these cardio workouts without additional weights on my feet these days and my heart rate and recovery are as steady as they could get. I couldn’t run for over 2 min without stopping and gasping and now I cover about 4.6 km in 30 min and follow-up with a 20 min walk. Not convinced yet? My VO2 Max (I use an Apple Watch to measure this stat) was just about 33 while I started with Resolve360 and David. That reflects a very poor cardio respiratory fitness for a 34 year old. It’s 43.5 today ! Easily above average. Please read upon about VO2 Max and how it directly relates to cardio respiratory fitness so you get an accurate picture about my monumental progress in the last 3 months. I’ve been trying to get into a regular physical workout and balanced diet discipline since my 20s but I’d never been so motivated as I’m now. Give these guys a try. After all, the best investment you could ever make is on your health !

Mr Ram Kumar

Physical Fitness

We contacted resolve360 for our child speech issue and I must say Resolve 360 team and Apoorva doing a wonderful job.

Our speech therapist Jaslia from Resolve360 is having a excellent knowledge and it helps our child a lot. Jaslia understand child psychology very well. Due to her efforts, we are seeing tremendous improvements in our child. She has a strong dedication towards her work and her nature towards kids makes her a very special one. She has given us enough confidence, due to her efforts and excellent service, we are seeing good improvements for my child speech & communication skills.

I would highly recommend Jaslia & Resolve360 team for their excellent work. God bless you!!

Keyur Dalwadi

Speech Therapy for his Kid